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 I like fishing    |    2010-1-7
     I like fishing best all through my childhood and youthhood Because I was not able to swim at that time, mother always stop me from playing in water, so sometimes, I can only stay on the rive bank, watch my friends diving in water to catch fish .usually when the big pump start working for irrigation, there are always some fish being suck into the pump and broke up, then in the upriver
 Winter Fishing Trips    |    2009-12-17
    GUATEMALA Pez Vela is Spanish for sailfish, but for fisherman, Guatemala means the same thing. An average of over a dozen sails per boat are released there every day of the year. That figure doesnt only apply during the peak season of December into May. Thats ALL YEAR. Imagine how good it is when things are hot. Ill tell you how good. You can expect to raise a minimum of twenty sails per day. How many you convert is up to you, but typically these fish are voracious, with very few window shoppers. There have been numerous instances when boats have released 40 and more fish in a single outing.
 Let's go fishing    |    2009-11-23
     Dave needed to pack for Saturdays fishing trip. He went into his hall closet, where he had more than 20 rods and reels. Nowadays he went fishing twice a year at Big Bear, a huge lake in southern California about 7,000 feet up in the mountains.
 Fishing for Fun    |    2009-10-13
    I've got addicted to fishing recently, and harvested piles of fish, shells, and of no doubt, many worn boots, rolls of tangling thread, etc. Occasionally, there could be a chance that I met some fishing friends from both the allience and the horde
 Deep sea fishing    |    2009-9-25
    One day I went fishing on the sea with friends early in the morning, we enjoyed the cool Sea Wind and looked forward to the harvest...
 Taste fishing at Chaer    |    2009-9-25
    Cha er seng reservoir was located in tao er river which is ributary of Nenjiang ,it mix the view of forest and grassland ,woodened and green grass...
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