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Taste fishing at Chaer

Cha er seng reservoir was located in tao er river which is tributary of Nenjiang ,it mix the view of forest and grassland ,woodened and green grass ,all this attracts a lot of tourist every year.
Fishing is a casual activity,    we shouldn¡¯t care the harvest. Yes, of course,we should happy during catch fish ,but we can¡¯t annoyed when the fish snot away. The popuse of fishing is to relax.

We derived 45 kilometer to Cha er seng reservoir, the surface of the lake like a big mirror, water is so clear, many fish swimed at ease.
We began hopeful waiting. But it was easier to talk about things than to do them. and the same for fishing. we waited for fish patiently.

Rodman should be in a pleaceful mood to treat all happiness, anger, grief and joy, The pleasure of fishing was in the process, we were happy when land a fish. We fishing is not to eat.the process is more meaningful and nice.

Fishing can ease the pressure¡¢reduce fatigue¡¢make fun, So I found pleasure in it .

Fish were jumping, I lifted stem quickly, Suddenly a big fish hanging in fishhook. I  was so happy because I got payback afer so long waiting.
Just wait for the willing one, there were many joy at fishing. Taste fishing, enjoy life, So I became free and easy .
I love the beautiful scenery and customs of the land, and I love the passionate people even more.Goodbye,cha ha er ,Goodbye,friends,We will come back!

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