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Deep sea fishing

    One day I went fishing on the sea with friends early in the morning, we enjoyed the cool Sea Wind and looked forward to the harvest.
    The sun shining the clear water. twenty minutes later, we got busy. We strung bait and waited for fish to bite patiently. Everyone was so excited when fish on the hook, though it was a small fish ,we pick up our cameras to take it ,and this gave us a big confidence. ten minutes later we got a fish to, but also a small one. we began to discuss if it was the water problem. We steered the boat towards another waters to find big fish.
But for a new place, it still small fish, we were a bit disappointed, The hot sun is high in the sky, we ready to give up and return home. but a man hook three fish continuously at this moment. though it were also small fish,but he said he can hook big fish surely. It was the noon, One people suggested went on fishing ater lunch. everybody response.
    After added some equipment, we started off again. The sun was not terrible, We abraded theres no big fish. The opposite fish man packed up his fishing rod time to time, we began to suspect our skill and try to find the reason.

    After analysis, Conditions were changing through it were small fishs also ,but the Variety was incensed danced to celebrate. Other friends cached fish gradually.
I was pleased even through I didnt catch big fish .The pleasure of fishing is the process not the result. I got relax and joy at it.

    The fun of Deep sea fishing is not only expand our horizon, but also unexpected acquisition. It maybe shrimp, maybe eel, maybe sleeve-fish maybe,sure it maybe more empty hook.

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