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Fishing for Fun

I've got addicted to fishing recently, and harvested piles of fish, shells, and of no doubt, many worn boots, rolls of tangling thread, etc. Occasionally, there could be a chance that I met some fishing friends from both the allience  the horde.

I guess fishing is the most triflesome profession in the world of warcraft. You have to spend a lot of time on watching a small wooden object waiting, waiting and waiting. Thus, you can find only few people who are patient enough to stand the long-long course to become a real fishman or fishwoman. I should say that I am surprisingly NOT a person of patience either! I have been a man who care a lot for effeciency for years. You must be curious about why such a person as me could fell in love with a seemingly pure time-killer profession? The answer is "tranquility and harmony'! I spend my time to get what I have never experienced, and I reckon it is a good bargain! Nothing is better than "tranquility and harmony" for a veteran like me! After the exciting and bloody fighting on the battle ground, a good rest is so pacifying that my heart of a complete "warmonger" cannot find out an excuse to depreciate the comfort brought by this seemingly time-killing profession!

What is tranquility? I suggest you to go to the shore of the Thorn Vale, and fishing for a couple of minutes, without any desire of Illidan's blades, without any worry about being ambushed by the enemy (if so, you hug him and smile, it really works!), appreciating the beauty of nature, then, you may get a good glimpse of that word. Tranquility makes one regain happiness and energy, helping one get out of the flame of revenging or the tangling of tireness.

What is harmony? I swear that it has nothing to do with "the River Cancer"! It can be explained as a kind of mood, with which your eyes are filled with beauty and peace. You may say that I go too abstractly. Well, you see the photo in the gallery, the one in which I was fishing with a terrible-looking orc worrior? That can be a best illustration for the word "harmony". At that certain moment, we forgot the antipathy and antagonism for the allience or the horde, and stood together, enjoying the peace and harmony brought by the bait and barbs! Was it a shame not to kill the enemy? Surly it was! Yet I should defend that at that time, we were no enemy of each other! We belonged to a same side: fishmen!

Fishing brought me tranquility and harmony, money and honor as well! Why? Do you know how much does it worth for a pile of black-water-lobsters? Check it in the AH, and you will get it! As for honor, when a 76-pound-fat fish is attracted by your bait, and drown out of the brook, won't you regard it as an honor? At least I will. A talented idiot once said: "life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you will get from it next." Fishing just perfectly embodies the aphorim-like sentence above! Maybe a pair of old shoes, maybe the biggest fish all over the world! Whatever you get, it is a present from the goddess, good or bad, gay or sad, facing yourself to it, smiling, and be grateful, maybe you will get to know the real melody of life in both Azorath and the real world!

Anyway, I was really happy that I've caught a sense coorperating with my charming elf rogue girl! And I should say, as a talented girl killer, she ought to master some basic skills for living: what do people expect? Fishing and Cooking, for sure!  


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