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I like fishing

         I like fishing best all through my childhood and youthhood.

          Because I was not able to swim at that time, mother always stop me from playing in water, so sometimes, I can only stay on the rive bank, watch my friends diving in water to catch fish .usually when the big pump start working for irrigation, there are always some fish being suck into the pump and broke up, then in the upriver, you can find the body of those fish, still fresh and edible. also because there are schistosome in the water in my hometown, my mother ask me not to play in the water that is also why I was not capable of swimming till I received a training from a gymnasium in Beijing last year, though I was grown up in water town, and there are so many lakes and rivers in my hometown. what impressed me most was that day, I was fishing black fish in a river, this kind of fish is easy to be cheated, whenever you see a group of small black fish on the surface of the water, there must be two big black fish little black fishs father and mother  hidden under water, they are there to protect their children from being assaulted by frogs and some other enemies, for us, normally we will try to put a small frog on the fishhook can not see the fishhook from outside,make the frogs mouth open widely, and try to put the fishhook into the place where those small black finish are swimming, dip it into the water, then lift up, then dip again, lift up again,the mother black fish and father black fish will swallow the frog on the fishhook by the light of nature,I found that my frog was swallowed by a big black fish, and try to lift up the fishhook.


 Unfortunately, it was overexerted, and the big black fish was hook up and thrown to the small rive on the other side of the riverbank, water in the small water is not so deep, but I still failed to catch it, and it fled from the turbid water

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