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  Dual Beam Fish finder NAKI810C(200/83kHz)
4.3" TFT, 480X272Pixels, 16bpp(65,536 color);280m Depth Capability; 200/83kHz; 1600w Power Output;

    - Windows style of menu system.
    - Real time sonar windows display the latest sonar returns.
    - 3 different color display modes to match your viewing preferences, including special
       night view model.
    - Zoom Capability to magnify the sonar image at ANY scale
    - Built-in temp sensor in transducer, for actuate water surface temp.
    - 6-pin data port for software updating and GPS connetion
    - Color Line separates fish and structure from the bottom, and defines bottom hardness.
    - Display target depth reading above each fish symbol as a guide for quick and precise
      lure presentations.
    - Internal back-up memory retains the sonar settings before turnning off
    - Displays fish targets at higher boat speeds
    - Sonar alarm: fish / shallow / low battery
    - Fresh / Salt Water Environment
    - Complete IPX7 Waterproof casing design.
    - Tilt & twist quick release mount
    - Full one-year warranty; extended warranties available

    1. Transducer with 6m cable



    2. 200/83 kHz Dual beam



    Display Size: 4.3(110mm), TFT LCD
    Resolution: 480 272 Pixels
    3 styles Backlighting
    Visible Under Strong Sunlight
    Depth capability: max 280m
    Sonar frequency: 200/83 kHz
    Sonar coverage: 20degree @ -10db
                               60degree @ -10db
    Sonar Alarms: Fish / Shallow / Low Battery
    Power Supply: 10-18 V DC
    Sonar Output Power: 1600 watts (peak-to-peak)
    Sonar Output Power: 200watts (RMS)
    Technical and casing
    Built-in memory stores sonar settings
    Unit Dimensions: 148 x 136 x 64 mm
    Transducer Cable Length: 6m
    IPX7 Waterproof Casing Design
    Transducer mounting: Transom or Inside hull
    Sensitive, Noise Filter, Depth Range, Zoom Range,
    TCG, Echo Style, Color Line control.
    1. 4.3" TFT sonar unit
    2. Transducer with 6m cable
    3. Accessories(bracket, screws, etc.)
    4. A copy of manual

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